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Publishing application through terminal services

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on March 29, 2010 by Ahmed Elnaggar

The most popular question facing any system administrator is how to publish application which depends on additional tools through terminal services?

And if there is any a ability to publish any application from terminal services server without installing the application on it?

For the first question, if you want to publish any application which needs to setup any additional tools like oracle Jinitiator, before initiating that application on terminal services server,

You must setup that j-initiator firstly and then setup that application. But how to setup that additional tools?

1-      Go to run from start menu

2-      Type cmd

3-      In cmd window, type the next command:

Change user /install

4-      Press enter

5-      After installing, type the next command:

Change user /execute

For the second question, the clear answer is yes. You can publish any application without needing to install the server side of that application on terminal services server and only you need

To install the client version of that application. I mean that if you want to run a reporting application like (Wellview), you are not in need to install the server version of it, but you just need to install

The client version as you do on any user PC. And after that, you will be publish and run the application through terminal services server.