Desktop Virtualization overview

This article is my first article about Desktop Virtualization i used some info from and Their latest webcast by John Fanelli (Vice President, Product Marketing, Enterprise desktop, Citrix Systems,Inc)

When you enter the business of IT and Infrastructure you will found out that your target is  to get in the head of the CEO of any company, you need to know what he needs , his priorities , also his vision ,then you start thinking how can i satisfies him how i can grow up his business through IT, How can i help him, So as we speaking here are the most common priorities for any CEO:
1-Opening New branch office
2-Attracting New Employees
3-Aquiring New Companies
4-Outsourcing Key IT
Their big problem is to expand Their IT infrastructure and to buy new hardware .Also They face a lot of problems linking their branches.


Why Traditional Desktop Can’t address Their Priorities

1-      Complex on-site Infrastructure
2-      Limited workspace flexibility
3-      Move, Adds, Change Can Take Weeks
4-      Hard to secure Distributed Assets: Since Most of Clients is now laptops so you can’t secure moving client like this.
After the social Media Revolution and the Smart phones, Tablets Revolution New Generation Of workers have come up:
1-Uses Web based applications.
2-Have New Expectation of how IT can look like.
3-Have the concept of bringing your own computer.
4-Expecting Certain User Experience


Consumerization : it all starts with the Device, the user is expecting something different from what he experienced in the device he uses also cons. Note that:
1-These Devices are Mobile
2-They can connect from any where
3-The User Experience on this Devices is great ,Touches ,the gestures,swipes ex..
Consumerization is not all about hardware it is about the service the user use.File storage on the cloud is a service highly used nowadays because it is so easy and user think it is secure
Also user is now getting used to self Service like going to ATM machine and using his CARD to cash out money he don’t need help anymore.The most important thing to him now is the service he needs a service he goes online and search for it and subscribe and begin use it and this puts the load on IT stuff who need to meet the user Expectation.
Traditional desktops is complex ,Inflexible,hard to secure.
In the mean Time IT has This user stack to take care of. And has a lot of Problems Maintaining and  Making This stack stable at all time.
So at Desktop Virtualization we do some changes with this stack we move it to the admin side and now Admins Deliver the Fresh OS combined with the users preferences and Applications.
It is a win-win situation for the IT and the users .Now it is easy for IT to Maintain and control Desktops and it is easy for Users to go Mobile and have their own Choice.

IT can update, Secure, Change, move Desktops easily in their data center Environment.

Summing Up why to Go Virtual!!?
1-Virtual is Simpler, Faster, Secure.
2-Enable Virtual Work-styles.
3-Leverage The latest Mobile Devices
4-Rabildly adapt the business change
5-Transform computer Computing
When you come to real market implementation of Desktop Virtualization you find out Great result:
“We believe we are one of the first, if not the first, bank to run a virtualized trading floor. Feedback from both traders and non-traders on performance and usability has been outstanding”     —Group senior level Executive – Leading Global bank
“With Citrix Desktop Virtualization, we were able to get 25000 new employees from an acquisition up-and-running on more than 20 financial applications in a single day”
–senior Director of technical service
Some Results and Benefits gained from Using DV in real business:

1-Deliever Rich Desktop virtualization and integrated business Critical Multimedia collaboration tools.
2-Overall Energy Consumption Reduction of 55%
3-Enabling Secure desktop delivery to mobile devices including IPads.
4-Achieving Windows7 compatibility for legacy applications.
5-Accelerated Key business processes from hours to Minutes.
6-Ensuring Seamless continuity of any service.
Hope you enjoyed My first Article and I will post part 2 so soon.
Mina Samir Fahmy
Associate Consultant @ Ingazat Information Technology

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