How to reinstall ADRMS role on windows server 2008 R2?

We may face that we must remove ADRMS (Active Directory Right Management Services) from RMS server because of ADRMS role doesn’t work as expected or for any reason.

But, how we can do that and what are the steps we should follow to do that?

At first, we should remove ADRMS role from RMS server by default steps:

1 _ Server Manager

2 _ Remove roles

3 _ Uncheck Active Directory Right Management Services

4 _ Click next

The second and the importance step in this process, is that how to delete the ADRMS server from DC server? Why we need to do that? Because if we reinstall ADRMS role without removing it from DC, there will be conflicting in DC server. Because he already contains the SCP (Service Connection Point) of RMS server and he will not agree to register RMS server again with the same server name.

So, how to remove ADRMS server from DC Server?

1 _ At DC server, go to administrative tools, then go to Active Directory Sites and services

2 _ Click View

3 _ Go to RightManagmentServices folder

4 _ Delete it

At completing last step, you can now reinstall ADRMS role on RMS server.


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